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Mercy Acupuncture and Massage Center
At Mercy Acupuncture and Massage Center, we focus on the following area of specialty:
* Abnormal Menstruation   * Dysentery   * Nephropathy
* Acupressure   * Fatigue   * Neuralgia
* Acupuncture & Massage   * Gallbladder problems   * Otitis
* Allergy   * Gastritis   * Palpitation
* Arrhythmia   * Health Recovery   * Quit Smoking
* Asthma   * Hematemesis   * Rheumatism Pain
* Blood pressure(too low or high)   * Hematochezia   * Sciatic Pain
* Body Massage   * Hematuria   * Shoulder Injury
* Bronchitis   * Hemorrhoid   * Sport Injury
* Common Cold   * Herbal Remedies   * Stroke-Dyskinesia
* Cough   * Herpes Zoster   * Tinnitus
* Diabetes   * Insomnia Stress   * Trigeminal
* Diabetes Mellitus   * Liver Problem   * Vertigo
* Diarrhea   * Neck & Back Pain   * Weight Loss
* Skin Problem:   Eczema, Wind Rash & Chronic Fatigue.
* Gynecology (Female):   Menstrual Irregularity, Dysmenorrhea, Morbid Vaginal Discharge, Menopausal Syndrome, Female Infertility.
* Gynecology (Male):   Impotent, Seminal Emission, Premature Ejaculation, Prostate Problem & Male Infertility.
  The Theory of Acupuncture

On our body there are 365 acupoints and 14 main channels that maintain the balance of our entire body and regulate all the other systems in our body. Each channel serves as a reflective passage way that delivers the vital energy(Chi) from acupoint to all the systems of our body.

In order to treat a particular health problem, acupuncturist will manipulate acupuncture needles at a specific acupoint on our body. When the needles are placed at the acupoints, a vital energy is sent from the acupoint to the diseased area via the channel. Consequently, this energy will restore the function and balance of our body.

Cupping is a technique involves attaching a special jar on to the skin by way of a heated vacuum. The warm vacuum causes a local increase in the flow of 'Chi' and blood in the specific area of the body. Cupping is often used to treat arthritic conditions, sprains, strains, facial paralysis and common cold.

Ear Acupuncture
Ear Acupuncture is used to treat specific disorders by stimulating specific acupoints on the skin with acupuncture needles. It is often used to treat addictive behaviour such as stop smoking. Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic intervention in which the auricle of the external ear is utilized to alleviate pain, dysfunction and disease as represented and manifest throughout the body.
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